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A Conversation

Caitlyn just moved into a small apartment in Manchester, England, due to her mom's line of work. She flew all the way from Mississippi to England, visited her soon-to-be school and the nearby park before ending up standing in front of her new home with her suitcase and backpack. Her mom is out to run some errands and she is left alone to unpack her belongings. After she finished decorating her room the way she likes it, she exited the apartment and took a walk around the neighborhood. She met a copper-haired boy around her age on her way, and she noticed him approaching her as she walks past his front yard. She recognized him as the guy who played soccer at the park earlier that day. Stranger: "Hello, there. I've never seen you around before. Did you just moved in?"
Caitlyn: "Yes, I did. My name is Caitlyn, I just moved into the apartment around the corner."
Stranger: "Nice to meet you, Caitlyn. My name is Jason."
Caitlyn: "Nice to meet you t…

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