Holiday Plannings with Evie and Sara

Evie and Sara are discussing about their new geography project in the hallways. December is just around the corner and holiday season is about to come. Their discussion about the project soon turns into a conversation about their plans on holiday.

Evie: "I'm excited for Christmas. What will you do this year?"
Sara: "Not much, really. Connor and I planned a trip back to Boston a couple of days before Christmas morning. We're going to visit a few relatives."
Evie: "That's wonderful! How will you go there?"
Sara: "This is the 21st century, Evie. Of course we will go by an airplane. How else would you think we will go?"
Evie: "One of my acquaintance went to USA by a cruise. He said it was an awesome trip, minus the sea sickness and annoying seagulls."
Sara: "Well I'd skip the cruise. I have a weak stomach."
Evie: "So just the usual annual Christmas visit for you then?"
Sara: "Not exactly. Edward said that we can head to Canada on Christmas to check out the new skiing spot. You know how Connor and Edward loves skiing. Boys. Such adventurous creatures."
Evie: "I don't remember you being a ski lover. You'd fall before even stepping on the board!"
Sara: "Haha. Very funny, Evie."
Evie: "But seriously, do you have anything else to do there? I mean besides attempting to do skiing and such."
Sara: "Well Edward does mention that the spot has a spa. It's not Christmas related much, but I prefer a massage over a sprained ankle anytime."
Evie: "And a few broken ribs."
Sara: "Oh zip it. How about you and Jacob? Anything fancy for Christmas?'
Evie: "We're not going anywhere. Probably the usual stuff, baking, Christmas movie marathons. And by God, I swear I will kill him if he 'accidentally' spend our Christmas budget on cookies just like he did last year!"
Sara: "If I were you, I'd lock him in his bedroom with a jar of marshmallow. That'd keep him busy for Christmas."
Evie: "It sure will. Now come on. We have to go to the library."
Sara: "To take that book of yours, right. Let's go then."


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