It's All About Me

Hello, fellow internet people. My name is Tiana Permawati and I am an awkward person.

Here's a thing or two about me. Every time I try to introduce myself to others, they find it hard to pronounce my name on the first try. I usually need to correct their pronunciation, and being an awkward person, it's really hard to do that without being completely terrified. So I'm going to set things right now. My name is Tiana and you pronounce it like you would pronounce Princess Tiana on that Disney movie where she kissed a frog and turn into one. That's what my friends would call me, but my family tends to call me Tia. It's up to you, really, but I prefer Tia over the former. 

I have lived for a little over fifteen years on this planet, and by now I have discovered the joy of warm chocolate chip cookies and the bitterness of Monday after the peaceful Sunday. On Monday I go to school, do my things, go home tired, and do my homework before I go to sleep. That goes in a repetitive order all the way through Friday, and then I'm left with the weekend doing the things I enjoy doing (that includes eating a lot of cookies, more greasy food, and play slash watch gameplays of Assassin's Creed 3 with a little creative writing on the side).

I don't have any pets, unfortunately. I spend my time writing and reading fiction on Tumblr and watching YouTube. I know, that's a bit unproductive but hey, at least my life is filled with positive energy (except for times I read too much angst and end up crying over a certain character). I also enjoy baking chocolate chip cookies (after I found this recipe online I couldn't stop myself from making a new batch every weeks or so) and cooking things that are oriental-styled, mostly a combination of stir fry with soy sauce (yay for soy sauce!) and a bowl of rice. I live in Indonesia, so I really like the oriental food I'm getting although I enjoy most food given to me (I can't stand durian, though, the smell is such a minus factor).

That's all for now, I guess. Hope I wasn't dull right there. See you on my next post!


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