World Tournament: A Recount Text

Hello, fellow internet people! Nice to meet you again since my last post on that English Project, so welcome back to my blog. If you’re new, a warm greeting for you is all I can offer. Today I’m going to talk about the World Tournament, and it is by far one of the most interesting event held by our school to support and develop the students’ English skills.

So basically the World Tournament is an annual school event where 10th grade students are required to use their English skills and win a tournament against other classes. It is held on 26th of August 2017 and this year’s theme is Pirates! We ought to dress like pirates does and each class has their own King Pirate. In this case, our class just agreed to dress all black and a red scarf on our heads.

Sometime at eight, we gathered in the ceremony field to achieve instructions from our king, along with a map to guide us through the
challenges. After deciding who’s the navigator, King Pirate, and soldiers, we went ahead and let our navigator, Aira, to solve the map for us (I helped a little bit here, yay!). The map led us to Taman Musik Sentrum, where some of upperclassmen are waiting to give us the challenge. In this spot, we are required to answer questions about general knowledge and throw a ball into a bowl. Five of our ‘crew’ including myself joined and won the game. The upperclassmen then gave us a piece of sticker that will form a picture. From there, we went ahead.

The next stop was the ceremonial field. We got attacked by the bandits here, and one of our soldiers are sadly hit by one of the water baloons. It was all fun, though. The next challenge is to find letters hidden around the area to spell ‘PIRATE’. We also got a sticker for this one, yippie!

Our next destination is a small area in front of ALBAR. Here we are required to decipher numbers into letters that will spell words related to pirates. After deciphering them, we have to spell the words out to the upperclassmen. We won in this game as well! I helped to spell out the words, too. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the bandits came! We ran to the lobby for safety, and I fell in the process! I could remember somebody pushed me down, but I didn’t know who did. But luckily, I didn’t get caught.

After the rushed escape, our navigator led us to the second floor, to the 12th grade class. In here we did the whispering challenge, and we also won at this one. The word we got is ‘Carribbean’, and thank God I spelled that correctly. At this point, our puzzle was missing one more piece. It is time to face the last post.

The last post was in ALMA. It is basically a game where you have to think of a word that has the same amount of letters as the solve for a mathematical equation read by the upperclassmen. Finally, after answering five questions, we managed to get our hands on the sticker. We arranged them into a final picture before our group was led back into the ceremony field to fight the bandits one last time.

In the end, our class won. And in return of our hard work we got a mirror! We ended up putting in in the classroom. The event was fun and refreshing, and my favorite part is when we got to do the whispering challenge and when we fought the bandits. I personally liked pirates in general so I really enjoyed that day.

I think that’s it for now! I hope you enjoy this post and see you on my next ones!


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